1283 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122   (Sunset)

Ranked #34 of 4,945 Restaurants in San Francisco




My dad and I went to this restaurant to eat some sea urchin and have something exotic. And it worked. We had something exotic! It wasn’t that fresh because I had fresher in Hawaii. I did not like it. You may have a different taste than me, but I do not recommend it. The chef was nice. The rest of the food was perfect. Soft shell crab was one of the best I’ve ever had in my life. That’s it.




That is a sea urchin. It’s still alive and it is cut open and its gut is piled on top of it on the leaf.   At first look, it looks like mango, but it is NOT mango. It was still moving and I felt kind of bad about eating it.



This is me, poking the sea urchin. That’s how I proved that it was alive, because it started wiggling.   The spikes were kind of wet and they were not very sharp. When you look at it closely, it is basically a dull point.


I am having a staring contest with the sea urchin. Guess who won?   Of course it won, because it does not have eyes!