L'Auberge Del Mar in San Diego

L'Auberge Del Mar in San Diego

1540 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, CA 92014




I am in San Diego, Del Mar. I came here to try wild boar. What got me interested in wild boar was a comic book, where they ate wild boar. The people in the comics ate the whole boar. Here you get a small medallion of meat. In fact, you get two of them, with special sauce. It will set you back $33.00!


The waiter set for us a nice area outside on the patio. When I ordered wild boar, he said that he did not have it available. I became disappointed. That’s when he went into the kitchen to ask if they had anymore wild boar available. Then he came out, and said yes, they do, it was for a different party that was not coming, and I got the last piece of wild boar. We had an excellent waiter.


The food tasted very good. The vegetables had a bit of a sweet sauce, and they were excellent. The wild boar itself, when you cut it, the staff recommend you put vegetables on it. When you eat the boar, a sweet, meaty sensation goes through your mouth. It was cooked, and it was so good it is hard to describe the boar. I recommend you go there. If I was to give a rating, it would be 5 out of 5 stars.




The wild boar, the inside of it is pinkish. The outside of it is brown. It comes with some vegetables, some sauce.