Le Petit Bistro

Le Petit Bistro

1405 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040-2405

Ranked #66 of 295 restaurants in Mountain View




I would recommend that you go there, but bring a jacket. It’s kind of cold in there. The food was excellent. I would recommend you order the escargot and the French onion soup. Be careful: the escargot is hot and the French onion soup is hot too. Order for dessert crème brulee – it is the best!




This is me, talking to the head chef (and the owner of the restaurant).   He is telling me that they have re-useable snail shells, and that they put in canned snails imported from France.



He is now showing me cow tongue. It sounds pretty disgusting, but it is actually a cow tongue. I don’t know how they prepare it. I used to eat it until I was about 4 years old, and I found out what it really was. Then I stopped.



This is the person who does the cooking. He is showing me a prepared plate of escargot and some French onion soup. They are some of the traditional French dishes.



This is me and the cook.



This is the escargot while it’s still raw. It has spinach and some basil around the escargot so that it kind of protects it, heats it and bakes it inside. And so it doesn’t blow up, I think.



This is me, holding a snail shell in a catapulty-thingy-ma-jiggy.   Little did I know that it would start rocketing into a corner in a second.


This is me and the owner. The restaurant was empty when we left.