Pizzeria Napule

Pizzeria Napule

9 Mechnikova str., Kiev, Ukraine   (Lypky)

Ranked #7 of 656 restaurants in Kiev




One of my favorite places ever is Pizzeria Napule, in Kiev (Ukraine). The last time I was there, I was 4 or 5 years old. I liked the place a lot because they let me cook my own pizza, make the dough, and stuck it in the oven for me. They even let me choose my own ingredients! That’s the basic history of the place.




This is me, standing in the Pizzeria, by the oven counter, while just realizing that my dad is taking pictures of me.



This is me, putting flower onto the dough after I kneaded the dough.  



This is me, cutting my pizza that was already cooked.



I am making another pizza. They gave me a lump of dough, and I started kneading and pushing.   And I made some walls on the side for some reason, so that the cheese does not spill out.






This is me, looking at the cook while he puts my dough onto a special board with a long stick that he slides into the oven. It’s a wood oven that has been brought over from Italy, and all of the ingredients are from Italy, even the water!



This is me, supervising. Without me, they would not know which ingredients to put on!



Some of the customers are looking at me, like “what are you doing, making my pizza?” while I stare off in a different direction.



This is me, just looking at the dough.



This is me, supervising the cook while he takes my pizza out of the oven. The trick is for it to be not soggy, but crunchy.






This is me, looking at my mom and dad. I am puzzled, because I don’t really know yet what a camera is.  



This is me, smiling for the camera.



This is my new pizza. Looks good!


This is me and my new group of students, and some of them are older than I am! I am teaching them how to make a pizza.


This is me with my perfect pizza!