Quattro Restaurant at the Four Seasons

Quattro Restaurant at the Four Seasons, Palo Alto

2050 University Ave, East Palo Alto, CA 94303

Ranked #1 of 13 restaurants in East Palo Alto




I first met Marco when he came over to our school, J. Briones in Palo Alto. He gave us food tastings there, explained how he worked. He was actually very nice. He had an Italian restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel in Palo Alto. I asked him if he had escargot, but he said that he ate it before, but he does not serve it. I got his e-mail address and I followed up with him. I wrote him some e-mails about if I can come to his restaurant, tour his kitchen and write him a review. He said, sure, if you can make it at this-and-this time, and my dad said yes, so my dad took me there.


That’s how I went to the Four Seasons hotel to see Marco Fossati’s kitchen. The kitchen was very nice and big he invited me into the kitchen. He cooked pizza with me. It was super tasty it had cheese on it and fried mushrooms on top. Plus he gave me two free pizzas home and some mozzarella cheese. I will give him ten out of five stars! Yeah it was that good!


PS thank you chief Marco




This is me, kneading the dough that Marco put through a special presser machine. It’s up on my hands while Marco is doing something in the background. It feels pretty soft, but you’ve got to be careful not to puncture it.



This is me, putting on tomato sauce onto the pizza. You only put on one scoop because if you put on more, it will be really, really, really tomatoey. I think that’s it.



I spread the sauce around already and now I am putting some cheese on.   I take pinches and sprinkle it all around.



I am making the pizza again because, making long story short, the pizza blew up in the oven. Poof!   Marco is right now hustling around for more ingredients.



Okay, Marco is putting on the green bell peppers while I’m re-doing the cheese. I sprinkle the cheese around while Marco puts the bell pepper rings onto the sauce/cheese to bake it in so that it does not fall off.



Okay, now we are putting on sautéed mushrooms. They were sautéed freshly about 5 minutes ago.


This is basically the end of the day. He gave me two pizzas, one I made with him and the other one he made for me to take home. And he also gave me a big chunk of parmesan cheese. I drank a sprite, and my dad took a coke. We ate our pizza at the bar, and it was delicious. They were in these fancy bottles. I give this restaurant 10 out of 5 stars!