Sardinia Review

Ranked #179 of 862 Restaurants in Miami Beach

1801 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139    (18 St.)

(305) 531-2228


My dad and I went to South Beach, and we ate at this Italian restaurant called Sardinia.  They would not let me take a tour of their kitchen since the owner wasn’t there the entire night, but the food, service, and atmosphere were very good.  Here is my review:




As in all Italian restaurants, they gave us olive oil and balsamic vinegar with our bread.  What’s unusual is that it was three different types of bread, but I preferred the classic bread since I don’t like dried cucumbers on top of my bread. 


Starting with the appetizers, we ordered the duck salami and shrimp.  There is nothing really special about this shrimp.  The way I heard it from my dad, it was supposed to be one giant shrimp covered with salt and grilled, but this one was small and boiled with herbs, and it was served on a salad.  The duck salami tasted like regular salami; I did not taste anything special except black pepper corns.  Honestly, I don’t really like salamis, duck or not.


For the main course we ordered pasta with boar sausage and the rabbit.  The boar was very interesting, but I don’t think kids will like it since it tastes really bitter because of the herbs.  There is no other way for me to describe it, but my dad said it will taste great for adults because of the crunchy pine nuts and the gamey boar.  But I loved the pasta that had the wild boar sausage meat because it was firm and absolutely delicious.


The rabbit dish was in my opinion the highlight of the visit to the restaurant!  The rabbit was kind of stewed, and it was literally falling apart in my mouth!  The rabbit dish had a perfect balance of meat and vegetables.  I have never tasted anything like it, but be careful of all the small bones.


For desserts we ordered strawberry tiramisu and Sardinian pie.  The tiramisu was very soft, and the strawberries were a very interesting twist to it since it’s normally served with a coffee flavor.  It was both unusual and delicious.  On the other hand, the Sardinian pie was very rough, crumbly and untasty because it was basically crust and a bit of chocolate, topped with different fruits like bananas.  In my opinion, I would just stick to tiramisu instead.


The portions were big and the quality was excellent. We couldn’t finish the rabbit or the boar (or duck salami).




The service was excellent.   We had one waiter serving only us!  The moment you put your napkin on the table before going to wash your hands, BAM! you get a new one.  Also our waiter, Davis Mele, told us his dream is to own a small fine diner where he would clean the fish himself, then serve the customers and make people happy.  He was one of the best waiters ever!




The atmosphere in Sardinia was good because of the lighting inside the dining room and the bathroom.  It was lower pitch, and more romantic than in most restaurants.  And the bathrooms were so dark that you could hardly see.  I could not hear much music, which is good because people can talk among themselves. 


Overall, I give the food 4 stars, the service at 4.3 stars, and the atmosphere 4 stars out of 5.