The Fish Market

The Fish Market

640 Via De La Valle, Solana Beach, CA 92075

Ranked #5 of 67 Restaurants in Solana Beach


I am right now in the Fish Market, reporting live that they have very tasty oysters, but they are very expensive. The atmosphere of the restaurant is chilly, the lights are dim, the servers are good. There sometimes is a line, and there is a happy hour at certain times at the bar and its area, which is where I am.


This may drop a bomb shell on you, but the oysters are actually alive. They do not have any brains or internal organs like humans do, so they cannot feel pain. They do not see, but they can move. They are still alive when you separate them from the shell, add the sauce and the lemon. You’re eating live animals.


To eat an oyster, you need to first take the mini fork and go behind it and separate the oyster from the shell. You put some cocktail sauce and some lemon, then you slip it down your throat. I usually do that on all the oysters, then I eat it.




I am eating oysters. The oysters are so delicious that I am thinking of their taste right now! Mmm! They are soft and slippery, but sometimes they have shells in them. I can’t describe their taste. It’s impossible.



Right now I am slipping the oyster, not the shell, down my throat!   I love The Fish Market, I am thinking of marrying it! It is awesome!


Right now I am close to finishing 3 dozen oysters! I am having a root beer as my drink.