Fish Market

The Fish Market

Ranked #13 of 312 restaurants in Palo Alto




This is, as you can see, Fanny Bay oysters. They’re medium-sized and medium-taste. A word of advice if you’re going to eat oysters: try to eat the smallest ones, not the biggest ones, because the biggest ones have no taste while the smaller ones have much more taste. Make sure not to forget to put cocktail sauce and lemons in.



This is me, in my World War II helmet, eating Fanny Bay oysters.  



I’m slurping down the oysters! The oysters taste weird, but good.



This is me and the manager, looking at the plates of food that they set out for the waiters to take to the clients.



As you can see, this is me and the manager, while he is showing me the kitchen. Right now he is showing me where the dishes get cleaned and dried.



This is us, talking about fish. We are talking about the sizes of the fish, where he gets them, and everything else.


This is me and the manager in the store room, where he keeps all the bread crumbs, peppers, and everything like that.


This is us out at the dumpster and trash pile. It is one of the most important parts of the restaurant cycle. You put all the food that is not used or eaten into the dumpster. If you don’t have a dumpster, you are in trouble because the restaurant will start stinking up in a week, and it will drive all the customers away and send the inspectors over, who will condemn you.