UNO Chicago Grill

UNO Chicago Grill

29 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611-2707   (Near North Side)

Ranked #693 of 8,292 Restaurants in Chicago


My dad made me go there. At first look, to me it looked like a tourist trap. My dad said it was excellent and it was not a tourist trap since he was there about 30 years ago. Well, to make a long story short, it is a tourist trap. The quality of the food there went down so much for how my dad told me. It takes an hour for the food to get to you. Something tells me that for 50 minutes out of that hour the kitchen staff sit around on their phones.


The service was terrible. It took 15 minutes to get seated into a tiny, cramped space. The restaurant put TV’s up, and on TV’s there was so advertisement, “buy Pizzaria Uno’s cups, buy our shirts, buy our plates.” For an hour you sit there, just watching it over and over and over again.


Overall, I give this restaurant ¾ of a star out of 5. Do not go there. I hated Pizzaria Uno because I do not like deep dish pizza. You may like it.




The tables were so cramped, you could not really fit an adult on either side of the table, but I still got stuck in there. My dad made me smile -- I did not want to smile.


The kitchen staff piled onto a lot of bread just vegetables, and no cheese. The pizza was undercooked. It tasted like cartboard with vegetables and tomato sauce.


Here my grandparents and I are standing in front of Pizzaria Uno in Chicago, while my dad is across the street, snapping pictures. In the picture you can see me upset, as well as my grandmother who is smiling, and my grandfather looking around for something to do.