Westin Diplomat Steakhouse

Westin Diplomat Steakhouse

3555 S. Ocean Dr., Hollywood, FL 33019-2827

Ranked #7 of 479 Restaurants in Hollywood




The Diplomat Steakhouse in Miami is a very high-end and expensive restaurant. If you are not willing to spend at least a couple hundred dollars, I do not recommend that you go there. We went there for my grandmother’s birthday. The kitchen staff gave me a tour of the kitchen, explained how they make the food, where they keep it, who is in charge of what and the structures of the restaurant – how they get their food shipped, where they put it.


I highly recommend their lobster, even though it’s $150. You get a pound of fresh lobster in creamy sauce. My dad and I split it, and my dad could not finish his portion, and neither could I.





This is me, having a tour of the kitchen. The head chef was very nice to show me the restaurant that he manages. This is the dishwasher area.



Right here is the food. The chef is showing me the food, how they put it in a design so that it looks nice. There are shrimp and oysters on that platter, and he is pointing and naming which is which.


This is a shrimp, oysters and crab meat on that plate. If you want a close-up, look at the next picture. Everything looks fresh and delicious.



Most restaurants spread out their food at a big distance on big plates so it looks like you’re getting more food, but here they don’t do that. On a small plate, they cramp in all the food. It is actually very tasty, I think.




This is the chef, showing me a big lobster claw. The lobsters at the Diplomat are so big and so tasty, you would have a hard time finding better ones anywhere else in the world.



This is the head chef, showing me a lobster. This is taking place in the lobster area, where they keep the lobsters alive and feed them. This is a zoom-out, you can also see some cheese and milk in the background.  



This lobster has rubber bands on its claws for a reason. If it didn’t, it would break your hand and maybe even cut it off. That is why it has rubber bands on, for safety reasons.



This is the chef, showing me his meat locker. It is stuffed full with meat, and it is like a fridge in there.   I believe that there are steaks and ribs in there, but there could also be chicken.



This is the chef, showing me the fridge that they take deserts from.   The eggs are used in some of the deserts.



This is me standing in the middle of the kitchen. The chef had to take care of some stuff right now (you can see him in the back ground.) Everyone in the kitchen wears suits and ties under their aprons.



This is the meat locker inside the meat fridge. The meat is wrapped up inside plastic so they do not get infected. There is also plastic gloves (for sanitary reasons)



This is the chef showing me the meat. I am a bit scared of bloody meat because it has blood in it.


This is us in the dessert fridge. They keep some of the desserts prepared to be cooked because it takes a while to make brownie batter, and especially crème brule. As you can see there is an egg. See if you can find a bag of potatos, some browienes.